Book Trailers

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For longer, more detailed videos for your website and YouTube, we recommend Kimberly Davis.

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Kimberly Davis holds an MFA in Creative Writing, Editing, and Publishing from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, and a BA from Columbia College-Chicago in Arts and Entertainment Media Management. She spent five years on the editorial staff of Texas Review Press, with two of those as acting director. She filled a number of roles at TRP including layout, cover design, editing, and acquisitions. In addition, Kim has been designing websites for 20 years. 
Kim’s first book, The Yachtie Bible, was published by Booklocker in 2002.


  1. Kim Davis set up my website for me and I love it. She did an amazing job. You can check it out at —Alice Brock (The River of Cattle)
  2. Kimberly Davis was not only a pleasure to work with during the production phase of my book, but perhaps most important were her editorial comments on my memoir, which exhibited a thorough and sensitive reading, something that all writers should be so lucky to have. After the book was released, Ms. Davis’s stalwart attitude in promoting it helped my book find its way into the hands of many readers who would have likely never known of its existence had it not been for her.—David Armand (My Mother’s House)
  3. Kim Davis is an insightful, supportive editor who can help shape the concept of a novel, while also functioning as a line editor.  She’s a pleasure to work with.  That she’s also skilled at promotion and knows her way around social media is an added bonus.Erica Abeel (Wild Girls)

Promotional Video Services 

Character Book Trailer
($350-$500 per trailer)

  • Author will receive a professional, eye-catching 30-second trailer formatted in both 16:9 and 1:1 for optimal viewing on multiple social media sites.
  • Trailers will include:
    • Genre-related music
    • Eye-catching motion graphics, including text, to also convey information to viewers watching without sound
    • Voice over from the point of view of a single character (generally the narrator or protagonist, however it is the author’s choice)
    • Add $65 per additional character voice
    • Delivered in H.264/MPEG 4
  • Author must provide:
    • A plot synopsis
    • Either a script OR a sample of the chosen character’s dialogue
    • A mood board (optional, but preferred)
    • Any specific images or music to be included
    • Book cover or other commissioned artwork, if completed
    • Preferred color pallet (i.e. “Blues and oranges” or “Golds and greens” etc.)

Author Interview Trailers
($350-$500 per 2 trailers + travel)

  • Author will receive 2 professional trailers, opening with the book cover, approx. 30 seconds to 1 minute of an interview with the author about the book, and closing with the book cover + reviews

Author must provide:

  • Travel, if necessary. I am located in North Texas and travel is not provided. However, I am willing to work with the author to find a way to film that works best for them.
  • Cover art, preferably with image layers intact (I.e. still in the Photoshop or Illustrator file formats).

Contact Kim for a quote RIGHT HERE.