BLOG-TO-BOOK: Turn Your Blog into a Book!


Sure, blogging is fun but why not make money in the process? One thing’s for sure – you’ll make more money selling books than you will blogging for free! This process works for standard website articles, fiction, and Facebook and other social media posts as well.



1. CUMBERSOME CLICKING: Reading through multiple blog posts is cumbersome for many readers. Search, click, read, back button; search, click, read, back button…

2. DIFFICULT TO FIND TOPIC-SPECIFIC POSTS: Many blogs are designed in a way that makes it difficult for people to find the specific information they are looking for. For example, a woman might find your “family” blog by searching Google for advice on the challenge of raising twins. And, while you might have several posts with great advice about raising twins, those might be intermingled with other family-related posts that aren’t specifically related to raising twins. Your reader might read one blog post, not be able to easily find all of your great twin-related posts, and then move on to another blog or website.

3. ONCE THEY LEAVE YOUR BLOG, THEY WILL PROBABLY NEVER COME BACK: It can be difficult to get people to come back to your blog after they’ve been there once. How many times have you read an article on a website, and then left that website – never to return? You can try collecting email addresses, and contacting them later (most people visiting will not subscribe because they receive plenty of email already) but spam filters can prevent your messages from getting through. Even if you post links to your blog posts on your social media accounts, many firms, like Facebook, do not show all of your “friends” and “followers” all of your posts.

4. PAYING FOR A BOOK IS EASIER! Many people are very happy to pay for the information in a book because they don’t want to deal with #’s 1 through 3 above

5. READERS WILL SEE ADS FOR YOUR BOOK(S) ON YOUR BLOG. When someone visits your blog, they’ll be able to see ads for your book(s) on your blog with links for instant purchase! Of course, you’ll also be able to promote your book(s) on your social media accounts.


While the process of compiling blog posts into a book may seem daunting at first, it’s really not! We’ve made it as easy as possible for bloggers!




OPTION 1 – Cost: 3.00 per post

You will send us a list of the titles of your blog posts on whatever topic(s) that you want to appear in your book. We recommend using your blog’s search engine to search for the words on that topic.

Then, put those blog post titles in the order you’ll want them to appear in your book.

Send the file to us (MSWord is preferred but we are flexible).

We would then go to your blog, pull the text and graphics from those, and put them into one file for you for any final changes/edits.

If you then want BookLocker to publish your book, you’ll receive a $200 discount off their most popular publishing package (“At Your Service”). We will provide you with a discount code at that time.

OPTION 2 – Cost: $5.00 per blog post

We would search your site for the topic(s) you are interested in including in your book. We would then sort the posts by date, and put all of the text and graphics from those posts into one file. We would then send that to you to remove ones you don’t want to appear in the book.

Please CONTACT US with the website address (URL) of your blog, tell us which option you’re interested in above, and we’ll be happy to respond with a quote!