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If you hire a writer for your book summary / back cover writing needs, you will pay them directly. We are only referring you to them. We do not hire them for you.

A WARNING ABOUT LETTING YOUR PUBLISHER WRITE YOUR BOOK SUMMARY OR BACK COVER MATERIAL: Many print on demand publishers and publishing service providers now claim ownership of their author’s files (what they call the “production files”) even though authors paid THEM for the service. We call this a “forced marriage” because it makes it almost impossible for an author to move to another publisher someday, even if they are unhappy with their current publisher. We strongly recommend NOT paying a publisher create your book summary / back cover text. Freelancers don’t try to claim ownership of an author’s files.



John Riddle 

John has extensive experience writing book summaries for a variety of publishers. He also worked as a freelance copywriter for Groupon, and created over 40 special ads and articles for one of their major campaigns.

John is the author of 34 books, including 6 business and health titles, and has worked as a ghostwriter on numerous projects. John’s byline has appeared in major publications all across the U.S., and he has written articles for over 200 websites (including WritersWeekly).

Since 1996, John has been working out of his home office in Delaware as a full time freelance writer, editor, copywriter, and ghostwriter. In 2002, he launched “I Love To Write Day” as a grassroots campaign to have people of all ages practice writing every Nov. 15. Last year, more than 30,000 schools throughout the U.S. held special ILTWD events and activities. Bookstores, libraries, writing groups, community centers and even a few malls joined in the celebration!

John is also available for:

  • ghostwriting
  • copywriting

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Kimberly Davis

Kimberly Davis holds an MFA in Creative Writing, Editing, and Publishing from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, and a BA from Columbia College-Chicago in Arts and Entertainment Media Management. She spent five years on the editorial staff of Texas Review Press, with two of those as acting director. She filled a number of roles at TRP including layout, cover design, editing, and acquisitions. In addition, Kim has been designing websites for 20 years. 
Kim’s first book, The Yachtie Bible, was published by Booklocker in 2002.


Book Synopsis
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Kim is also available for:

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