Editorial Review

A detailed, unbiased review of your manuscript.

Many writers experience self-doubt, wondering if their writing is good enough to sell to the masses. What you CAN’T trust is the opinions of your friends and family. They will almost always tell you your writing is amazing. And, rarely are they qualified to tell you what needs to be fixed…and what doesn’t.

Editorial reviews are offered by James Pence and also by WritersWeekly. Prices for both services are below.




As a full-time writer, collaborator, and editor, James helps people bring book-length projects to fruition. James has written 10 books, most published by major publishers, including Osborne/McGraw-Hill, Tyndale, Kregel, Baker, and Thomas Nelson (ghostwriter). His books cover a wide range of genres (fiction, nonfiction memoir, computer books, Christian living, and self-help), and he brings those writing skills to your project. Whether you need a co-author/collaborator, editor, or just a manuscript critique, James can help you bring your book project to life.
Specializes in:
Christian memoir, fiction, how-to
Services include:
Manuscript critique
Substantive editing
Copyediting and proofreading
Collaboration and co-authoring

James will read your manuscript, and send you an editorial review of five or more pages.

The evaluation would cover the content, organization, (for fiction: character development, plot, etc.), writing quality, and recommendations for the next step (developmental edit, line/copy edit, etc.).


Partial manuscript from author must be no more than 20 pages (double-spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pt Times New Roman font).


For manuscripts up to 50K words. Additional costs are $0.04/word.

CLICK HERE to see a sample manuscript evaluation by James Pence. 

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I was overwhelmed with gratitude when I read the edited version that Jim Pence prepared. He took the words I sent and made them flow and come alive. He made it beautiful. He has a true gift with words and helping people. He also did this with sweet encouragement, which made the process enjoyable especially since this was my first book. He understood what I was trying to say and made it clear for the reader. He is an amazing writer and editor.  
— Rebecca R. Nye, Author Tale of the Butterfly

“James Pence has a gift for taking an average manuscript and polishingit into a strong finished product.  He found plot holes, characterinconsistencies, lazy writing, and gave me practical advice to correctit via comments found in the margins of my manuscript.  His part in thejourney of my manuscript was VITAL and worth every penny.”

Michael Littau

Dear Jim: I wanted to share my excitement about something you helped bring about-my book, The Writer, was accepted for publicationAfter receiving your critique, I was able to identify and make needed changes that were crucial for improvement. Thank You for your feedback. It was worth every cent and made all the difference, and made me a better writer! 

Sarah DePledge
The solitude of the writing process can create challenges that you can’t see. At some point, a guide can help you with aspects of the work you may not have known you needed. James Pence is more than an editor. He guides viewing through the lens of improvement, understands your style and point of view, gets you back on track when needed, and offers positive and important critiques that will make your story and your writing better. He gets writing and writers. If you want your work to shine, James Pence will get you there.
–Dr. John Panepinto, Author

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Order an editorial review from WritersWeekly and you’ll receive a no-holds-barred, honest opinion of your writing, and a lot more. 

If you’re looking for a fee-based, positive book review that doesn’t help your writing process, and does not improve your manuscript, this is not the service for you.

WARNING: This service is not for authors with fragile egos. If you can’t accept creative criticism, please do not order this service. However, if you want to learn how to improve your writing and, thus, increase your sales, this is for you.

An editorial review is NOT editing.

You will receive a detailed report with specific comments on:

Writing quality

General editing notes (i.e. repeated misuse of punctuation or misuse of specific words, switching from past- to present-tense, etc.)


Sequencing (Examples: Does the order of events make sense to the reader? Are there large breaks in action that make the reader’s mind start to drift? Is the hook at the beginning sufficient to make the reader want to keep reading? This is VERY important when people are reading an excerpt of your book online before buying! Does the ending fall flat?)

You will also receive, of course, specific tips on how to improve your manuscript. Other services have form responses they send to authors with fill-in-the-blank items. Some of them don’t even read the entire book. WritersWeekly offers a unique, detailed, honest review of your entire manuscript.

If you like some of the positive comments we send, you will, of course, be able to quote us in your future marketing materials.  


Highly technical manuscripts (math textbooks, stock market analyses, computer manuals, medical books, etc.)


$3.00 per 8.5 x 11 single-spaced page, at a font size of 11 pt or higher, and with 1-inch margins.

Multiply the number of pages in your manuscript (8.5 x 11, 11 pt or larger font, single spaced, with 1-inch margins) x $3.00. Send your payment via paypal to: angie@writersweekly.com


You are welcome to send a partial manuscript for an editorial review. However, please know that our comments would be limited in that case because we would not be able to evaluate the story as a whole.


Contact Angela RIGHT HERE.


Refunds are not permitted for this service under any circumstances. We will read your manuscript, and provide you with a detailed report.

We reserve to right to refuse to evaluate any manuscript. If that is the case, you will promptly receive a full refund.

REQUEST A QUOTE FROM ONE OF THE PROFESSIONALS ABOVE. WE WILL FORWARD YOUR REQUEST AND FILE(S) (if applicable) to that individual, who will then contact you directly. If you need multiple quotes, type the names of all of the individuals you’re interested in speaking with in the first box below.