Copyright Registration

May we file your U.S. Copyright application for you? It WILL be in YOUR name and YOU will receive the copyright certificate.

NOTE: This service is included in all of BookLocker’s black-and-white-interior publishing packages – except the D.I.Y. one. This service can be purchased as an add-on by D.I.Y. and color-interior BookLocker authors for only $135. 

Available for U.S. citizens only. 

Why is copyright registration so important?

1. If someone steals your work, or portions thereof, you can’t file a lawsuit unless your book was copyrighted before the infringement occurred.
2. If someone does illegally use your copyrighted material, you can file a lawsuit, and collect damages even if you can’t prove specific monetary damages.
3. Those damages will include your legal fees.
4. Damages can range from $750 to $30,000 per work. Proof of willful infringement can increase damages up to $150,000 per work.

$155 PER TITLE (this includes the federal filing fee)


You do NOT need to be a BookLocker author to use this service. After you sign up, we will contact you for additional information, and we will need a copy of your manuscript to upload to the government system.

For two or more titles, multiply your number of titles x the $155 fee, and enter it in the order form at the link above.


1. We will file the required documentation with the U.S. Copyright Office, and provide them with all supporting information for your book.

2. You, as the author, will receive instant email confirmation of the registration application, and will receive the final copyright certificate. Of course, it will be in YOUR name.

(All amounts include the associated federal filing fees)

**WritersWeekly Author Service Center: $155**
LegalZoom: $169
AuthorHouse: $170
iUniverse: $170
Xulon Press: $199
Mill City Press: $199
Balboa Press: $204
Xlibris: $249
InfinityPublishing/FastPencil: $299 (includes LCCN) Must purchase $1499 publishing package
Westbow Press: Must purchase $1,995 publishing package
Lulu: Must purchase $1,999 publishing package
Dog Ear Publishing: Service not offered
Outskirts Press: Service not offered
BookBaby: Service not offered


You must own ALL rights to your book (co-authors can both be included on the application) and you, as the author, are responsible for pursuing any copyright infringement committed against your work(s). You retain all rights and the copyright certificate will be in YOUR name. That means, of course, that we get nothing if you win a lawsuit against an infringer. It’s YOUR book. 🙂