Freelance Editors We Recommend

If you hire one of these editors you will pay them directly. We are only referring you to them. We do not hire them for you.

NOTE ABOUT UNKNOWN EDITORS OFFERING THEIR SERVICES ONLINE: There is no licensing agency for editors and there are many online now who are NOT professional editors. We receive complaints almost daily from authors who hired an editor they found online, and then found even more errors in their “edited” book. (This even happens with editors who work for some print on demand publishers!) References can be easily manufactured so you should only hire an editor who’s done a good job for an author or publisher you know. All of the editors below have worked for BookLocker authors in the past and those authors are very happy with their work. 

A WARNING ABOUT LETTING YOUR PUBLISHER EDIT YOUR BOOK: Many print on demand publishers and publishing service providers now claim ownership of edited manuscripts (what they call the “production files”) even though authors paid THEM to edit their books. We call this a “forced marriage” because it makes it almost impossible for an author to move to another publisher someday, even if they are unhappy with their current publisher. We strongly recommend NOT paying a publisher to edit your manuscript. Freelance editors don’t try to claim ownership of an author’s files.



Angela Hoy, and

Angela is the publisher of, one of the oldest and most respected freelance writing websites in the world, and the President and CEO of the highly-respected (and best!) print on demand publisher,, which has been in business for more than two decades. Angela has written 24 books, and has published more than 16,000 print and electronic titles for other authors in the past 24 years.

Angela is very selective about what she will edit. However, she will be very happy to review your manuscript at no charge, and to send you a quote. Turn-around on quotes is usually only 24-48 hours.

RATE: $0.025/word

Angela will review your manuscript, and correct misspellings, typos, punctuation errors, etc. She will also highlight any areas in the manuscript that may be confusing for readers, and will recommend alternative text to use in those areas. In addition, she will send you notes about any other oddities that may raise questions in her mind, or the minds of future readers. She may also recommend different endings for some books because she loves great endings! You are, of course, welcome to use her recommendation(s), or not.

Angela’s service does not include fact-checking. 

Angela also edits back cover text for authors. The rate for that is $ 0.10/word.

Contact Angela for a quote RIGHT HERE.

C. Jones

C. Jones is a professor of English at University of Tennessee Chattanooga and he holds an M.F.A. from Georgia State University.

He offers content editing, line editing, and proofreading services. C. Jones specializes in fiction and non-fiction (most of his experience is with Christian books). He has also edited academic dissertations, poetry, and much more. C. Jones also offers web content writing and ghostwriting services.

Services include:

line editing
web content writing


$0.01/word for proofreading and up to $0.10/word for comprehensive editing.


I’m very impressed with C. Jones. His suggestions are right on target. This version of my book is so much better thanks to C. Jones’ attention. Thanks for recommending him. He is great to work with.
R. Wisehart

Contact C. Jones for a quote RIGHT HERE.

R. Pittman

R. Pittman has helped hundreds of authors put more professional books on the market. You would send your manuscript to him in Word form (either doc or docx) and he will directly make obvious changes, or make suggestions to you, listing both changes made and suggestions in a separate file. He will continue to be available to answer specific questions or help you with short sections until publication of your book. Or, if you are good with Word, and like the tracking tool, he can make changes, comments and suggestions that way. When you consider the time involved in reading your manuscript out loud, making changes and listing them, some fact checking, etc. you will see that, for an editor with his experience, his fee is very reasonable.

Specializes in:

  • Editing first time novels
  • Final proofing (an additional fee)
  • Editing short pieces like essays, magazine articles, songwriting
  • Speech writing

Contact R. Pittman for a quote RIGHT HERE.

D. Aretha

D. Aretha has written and edited more than 300 books for 30-plus publishers, with combined sales of more than $20 million. If he edits your book, your text will be as clean and professional-looking as any text published by HarperCollins or Simon & Schuster.


  • Copyediting, line editing, content/developmental editing, proofreading, query letters
  • Fiction: novels, young adult, children’s, historical fiction
  • Nonfiction: memoirs, history, sports, biographies, military, politics…pretty much anything


  • Proofreading: 1.0-1.3 cents
  • Copyediting: 1.4-2.5 cents
  • Manuscript review/critique: 1.5 cents
  • Developmental/Content editing: rates vary

He often provides a helpful 3-in-1: developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading for one low price. Everyone’s needs are different. Upload a sample of your manuscript and ask him what you’d like him to do. He’ll provide a free sample edit, as well as a quote (fee and completion date).  

Contact D. Aretha for a quote RIGHT HERE.

T. Jacobs 

One of the most critical aspects of writing is grammar and sentence structure. T. Jacobs will ensure your craft is edited thoroughly. Besides grammar and sentence structure, he will look at the whole story or book. He will:

  • Correct grammatical errors.
  • Ensure the text flows; sentences are accurate and sensible.
  • Validate the five C’s: clear, correct, concise, complete, and consistent
  • Make sure there are no unanswered questions.
  • Enhance scenes using all five senses when possible.
  • Correct any redundancies.
  • Make certain to follow the character’s POV (Point of View).
  • Ensure the story flows, follows the specific time line, and makes sense.
  • Edits all fiction genres and non-fiction except medical and law
  • Developmental editing, content, copy, and proofreading
Prices vary based on each project but rates are usually around $0.03/word.

T. Jacobs has done quite a bit of editing work for me and my authors over the years. He is good about setting a good window of time to get the job done, and he’s within that window, often several days early. Some people promise a quick turn around time to get your work, then fail to do so. T. Jacobs is realistic, and steady, so you can be confident that the work will be done by the time he sets. He communicates well, so there are no sudden “I didn’t know that …” type of concerns. I know when he starts that it will be done. He’s always friendly, and patient, which helps. T. Jacobs also does writing/ghostwriting, which is of value to some authors who have a really rough and disjointed manuscript. He is not simply an editor, working strictly with what has been written. He can take rough and make it sing, which in turn adds value to the authors and their manuscripts. Yes, I can highly recommend T. Jacobs.

– B. Mast

 I always gave T. Jacobs aggressive deadlines and he always met them.

– D. Marx

T. Jacobs does a great job. I only write humor so I know he’s great in that genre. My first two books were fiction, so I know he’s good with both fiction and nonfiction.

– Angelina

I have been impressed with T. Jacobs’ lack of errors, probably due to how well he communicates with his clients, As a professional in the industry knows the importance in putting out the best product possible.

– P. Grover

Additional testimonials available on request.

Contact T. Jacobs for a quote RIGHT HERE.

K. Smith

K. Smith is a professional professional editor, copywriter, ghostwriter, copy/content/features writer, and the author of nine books, three of which were best sellers in their categories on Amazon. She has been writing/editing/enhancing copy and content for Scholastic Book Fairs for four years, as well as numerous other happy clients (see testimonials below).

No religious manuscripts, please.  


  • Copy editing, basic (line-by-line editing/enhancement, no reorganization or significant rewriting): $35-$40/hr
  • Developmental Editing: $50-$80/hr
  • Extreme Makeover Editing: $100/hr
  • Editorial on Call: $20-$150/hr
  • Ghostwriting: $100/hr (If author supplies all source materials and no research is required)
  • Advertising Copy writing: $100/hr


“Without exaggeration you are the best copywriter I’ve ever worked with…and I’ve worked with many. You are not only fast, talented and reasonably priced, but you are a joy to work with and know. I know I tell you this all the time, but you have made my life vastly better.”

– Teryl McLane, Scholastic Book Fairs

“How could one review possibly do her justice? It can’t… She is that amazing. She edited my entire book, helped me come up with a title AND wrote a back cover that absolutely jumps off the page. All I can really say is that I will use K. Smith for every edit / copyedit job I have both personally and professionally. She knocked it out of the park! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

— Tony Brooks, Seattle, WA (Author, Sugar Kills!)

“K. Smith did editorial work on a manuscript for me, and did such a great job the first time that I used her again on the next manuscript I published. She is very professional and will work with your needs and goals in mind. She will offer suggestions and collaborate if you ask her for her professional opinion. I highly recommend K. Smith for any copy writing or copy-enhanced work!”

– Pastor Jason Whitehurst, author of ‘A New Look at the Big Ten [Commandments], Uncovering Their Relevance to Every Generation’

Additional testimonials available on request.

Contact K. Smith for a quote RIGHT HERE.

C. Roark, Developmental Editor

C. Roark prefers to work as a developmental editor, helping authors create and polish manuscripts for publication. She has worked on 20+ book projects, some with indie authors, and others with traditional and hybrid presses.
Developmental services include:
– Helping authors develop rough ideas and create an organized outline.
– Coaching writers through the process of creating a full first draft.
– Guiding writers through revision to make manuscripts compelling and readable.
– Assisting authors to create a plan for publication and beyond.
She also offers fixed rate packages (blocks of 30 hours, 40 hours, etc.) starting at $3000. Indie authors often find these a smart investment.

Honestly, there are not enough words to describe C. Roark’s incomparable and outstanding editorial services. Professional and skillful, she is one of those rare extraordinarily creative individuals with a deep knowledge and proficient grasp of grammar and literature. I am currently writing a new book and would never consider engaging another editor besides C. Roark…she is over-the-top brilliant!

– Kathy F.

C. Roark was great at helping reform my story to be more book ready.

– Nick P.

I barely had a shell of a document when we started. C. Roark was with me from start to finish, as long as it took. She was my partner in every way, and took the time to understand me, and to understand my ideas surrounding this project. Her editorial work was right on point and clearly communicated. She truly knows her craft. I can say with certainty that this first manuscript (my very first) would absolutely not have been completed without C. Roark’s careful combination of patience and prodding. She corrected my formatting, phrasing, continuity and everything pertinent to keeping the book professional and “correct”.

– Denise B.

C. Roark’s work has been timely for all three of my books, I’ve been very pleased with her work, and I’ve found her fees reasonable. She is excellent at her job and a pleasure to work with. That’s why I keep going back to her.

– Stephen G.

Contact C. Roark for a quote RIGHT HERE.

J. Pence — Editor, Collaborator/Co-author, Ghostwriter

*No sexually explicit content.

Do you have a book inside you? J. Pence can help you get it out. As a full-time writer, collaborator, and editor, James helps people bring book-length projects to fruition. J. Pence has written 10 books, most published by major publishers, including Osborne/McGraw-Hill, Tyndale, Kregel, Baker, and Thomas Nelson (ghostwriter). His books cover a wide range of genres (fiction, nonfiction memoir, computer books, Christian living, and self-help), and he brings those writing skills to your project. Whether you need a co-author/collaborator, editor, or just a manuscript critique, J. Pence can help you bring your book project to life.
No manuscripts with s*xual content, please. 
Specializes in:
Christian memoir, fiction, how-to
Services include:
Manuscript critique
Substantive editing
Copyediting and proofreading
Collaboration and co-authoring


I hope you are feeling well and life is good. I just want to thank you again for your work and help on the book I’ve been writing. You helped me see how to make it better, but more importantly, you helped me see what it really was. The re-write has been a great experience and one that helped me grow as a person. Finished the first draft and the first run at polishing this week. And all this happened while going through some major life changes. I wouldn’t have done it without your guidance. You should know that I “heard” your voice throughout and you deserve so much credit. Thank you again.


I was overwhelmed with gratitude when I read the edited version that J. Pence prepared. He took the words I sent and made them flow and come alive. He made it beautiful. He has a true gift with words and helping people. He also did this with sweet encouragement, which made the process enjoyable especially since this was my first book. He understood what I was trying to say and made it clear for the reader. He is an amazing writer and editor.  
– Rebecca R. Nye, Author Tale of the Butterfly

J. Pence has a gift for taking an average manuscript and polishing it into a strong finished product. He found plot holes, character inconsistencies, lazy writing, and gave me practical advice to correct it via comments found in the margins of my manuscript. His part in the journey of my manuscript was VITAL and worth every penny.”

Michael Littau

I wanted to share my excitement about something you helped bring about-my book, The Writer, was accepted for publicationAfter receiving your critique, I was able to identify and make needed changes that were crucial for improvement. Thank You for your feedback. It was worth every cent and made all the difference, and made me a better writer! 

Sarah DePledge
The solitude of the writing process can create challenges that you can’t see. At some point, a guide can help you with aspects of the work you may not have known you needed. J. Pence is more than an editor. He guides viewing through the lens of improvement, understands your style and point of view, gets you back on track when needed, and offers positive and important critiques that will make your story and your writing better. He gets writing and writers. If you want your work to shine, J. Pence will get you there.
–Dr. John Panepinto, Author

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