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A WARNING ABOUT LETTING YOUR PUBLISHER PROMOTE YOUR BOOK: Many print on demand publishers and publishing service providers sell worthless marketing products and services, and charge WAY too much money for them. It’s just another way to dig deeper into their authors’ wallets. For example, they may say they’ll promote your book via email to bookstores. What they won’t tell you is that they’re sending those bookstores email after email after email about a variety of books and those stores are probably filtering those as spam. Spamming bookstores with boring press releases won’t work. And, these firms won’t tell you how many copies they are selling of books, on average, based on the services they provide. That’s because they know these services very likely cost more than any resulting book sales they might generate.

Also, if you pay that publisher to create bookmarks, posters, or other marketing materials, they might claim all rights to those graphics (as well as to your interior and cover files), making it very difficult to move to another publisher some day.


Boost a Book 

Their popular Category and Keyword Optimization Service is only $179!!

Answer a few questions and Boost A Book takes care of the rest!

Category and Keyword Optimization – $179 per title

Are you using the right categories and keywords to find your book’s audience? Are you sure? BoostaBook has access to category and keyword data on Amazon so they know how Amazon shoppers are searching for books. If your book isn’t associated with the categories and keyword phrases those buyers are clicking on or typing in, you greatly reduce your chances of getting found.

You can order BoostABook’s popular service today by sending the appropriate amount via Paypal. The Paypal ID is:

If you do not use Paypal, you can use THIS ORDER FORM

We will send your information to BoostABook and they will work directly with you on your campaign(s). 

Dorit Sasson  

SEO Consulting Services from an award-winning freelance writer who thinks like a Google user when it comes to growing your brand and reach. Capturing clicks with powerful keyphrases is her specialty. Using keyword research and strategy, she’ll get to know your target audience using your content and SEO like it’s no-one else’s business.

Dorit has spent years investing in her own author platform. Thinking like a Google user has helped her build her own target audience via her podcast, blogging, speaking and book writing. Dorit’s efforts have landed her coverage for her award-winning memoir, Accidental Soldier, in, Brit and Co., Working Mother Magazine, Buzz Feed, The Reading Room. Just these efforts alone have translated into 307M online readership, 411K estimated coverage views and over one thousand social media shares.

Keyphrase research is extremely important for growing your reach. So is crafting a buyer persona and doing competitive analysis. Businesses can’t see these SEO opportunities because they are too close to their products. But Dorit can.

Dorit says, “By optimizing your content with yummy keywords, you’ll reach customers at all phases of the buying cycle. Let’s travel together down the SEO side of the street so you can focus on growing your business.”

SEO Strategies
Competitive market analysis
Keyword research based on marketing goals for web properties
Landing page optimization techniques
SEO friendly anchoring texts
SEO content audits
Local SEO

SEO and Writing Strategies
Keyphrase editing of various web copy
Web/SEO/Sales long or short-form content including landing pages, blog posts, email marketing campaigns, About Us pages, and more

The fine print

Investing in keyword research is not instant. You need time for results. Dorit writes for your customer first, and Google second. If you are only concerned about the daily fluctuations of your website on Google then you and Dorit will not be a good fit.

Contact Dorit for a quote RIGHT HERE.

Jennifer Brown Banks 

Jennifer Brown Banks draws from over 15 years experience in project management, professional writing, and the publishing industry to assist writers of all levels and genres (and entrepreneurs) in building a solid author’s platform and operate profitably.

She provides clients with an array of supportive, results-oriented services to help them “work smarter, not harder,” save time and money.

Her blog for scribes has been recognized as a “Top Blog for Writers” from 2013-2018.

Banks holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and serves on the board of directors of a prominent arts organization in Illinois.

Professional Services:

Blog audits, branding, booking virtual blog tours, creating information products, strategy sessions and career coaching.


Start at $50/hour and vary based on the complexity, scope, and duration of each project.


Jennifer provides a fast turn-around and her work is always error-free. I’m excited to work with her again on future projects.

– T. Edwards, Educator and Entrepreneur

I always have a wonderful experience working with Jennifer. She is enthusiastic about every writing job, and without fail, delivers projects ahead of schedule. Jen’s writing is insightful, timely, and appeals to broad audiences

– Nikola Hartmann,
Owner, Nikola Hartmann Studio and Live Well For Less

I hired Jennifer for a Blog Consultation. With Jennifer’s help, I could see my blog more objectively. She gave me very clear and concrete ways to improve my entire site. Within hours, I felt way more confident about my online presence. She’s friendly, too. Even in her emails, I can tell she provides service with a smile.

– Sarah Webb, M.F.A.

Serendipity is the best way to describe my relationship with Jennifer. She came into my life when I most needed direction and guidance in my writing career. I had admired her published work, but didn’t know she was the same Jennifer I signed up to take a creative class with. After the class, I reached out to her. We met and I shared my goals. She helped me set up a blog, establish a writing schedule, and identified places where she thought I should submit my work for publication. Thanks to Jennifer’s persistence, I wrote and had a piece published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book.

– Stephanie G

Contact Jennifer for a quote RIGHT HERE.