Ebook Formatting/Conversion (epub, mobi and PDF formats)

Mobi is the ebook file format that Amazon uses for Kindle products. Epub is the format everybody else uses. PDF files are convenient for readers who don’t own ebook reading devices, nor the apps that work with those. PDF files can also be printed, unlike mobi and epub files. Of course, the printing option can be turned off at your request. 


  • Combo Mobi/ePub formats


All formatting and conversion is performed by the talented folks at Booklocker.com, and you can hire them whether you choose BookLocker to publish your ebook, or not! Read numerous unsolicited testimonials from authors RIGHT HERE.

NOTE: BookLocker.com authors ALWAYS own all rights to their files, and so do non-BookLocker authors who order these à la carte services! 🙂 

Request a quote for ebook formatting/conversion RIGHT HERE.

NOTE ABOUT UNKNOWN EBOOK FORMATTERS OFFERING THEIR SERVICES ONLINE: There is no licensing agency for ebook formatting/conversion specialists and there are many online now who are offering poor-quality services.

Formatting an ebook and converting it to the most popular formats requires specialized skills and software. Look at a variety of “look inside” ebook samples on Amazon and you’ll notice plenty of formatting errors. These happen when someone who claims to be an ebook specialists simply runs a manuscript through an automated formatting program. Even some traditionally published books are full of these types of errors.

At WritersWeekly’s Author Service Center, we manually format and check every page of the file before converting to first epub and then mobi format. We then check every page in those files to ensure the coding is working correctly. Only then will we send your final files to you for listing/selling at ebook retail sites.

A WARNING ABOUT LETTING YOUR PUBLISHER DESIGN YOUR EBOOK: Many print on demand publishers and publishing service providers now claim ownership of the author’s files – including the pdf, epub and mobi ebook files – even though authors paid THEM for those services. We call this a “forced marriage” because it makes it almost impossible for an author to move to another publisher someday, even if they are unhappy with their current publisher. We strongly recommend NOT paying a publisher to design your ebook. If you use the service below, YOU will own all rights to your ebook files.

NOTE: BookLocker.com authors ALWAYS own all rights to their files. 

Request a quote for ebook formatting and conversion RIGHT HERE.