Freelance Translators We Recommend

N. Steckel

English to Spanish

Samples of books she has translated (view the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon):

Cuando el amor es eterno

Quebrantahuesos (Thomas Berrington mysteriosa historica nº 2)

La Espía Indomable: Guerra sin reglas (Departamento 89 nº 1)

Services Offered:

  • Translation of the author’s book
  • Translation of the book’s description
  • Translation of the author’s biography
  • Translation of any keywords needed to optimize a search for the author’s book on various publishing platforms

Translation and Editing fees:

“I work with an editor to ensure the outstanding quality of my work. This additional service is included in the translation of the book.”

Up to 19,999 words: $0.05/word

20,000-39,999 words: $0.04/word

40,000-64,999 words: $0.03/word

65,000+ words: $0.02/word

Requires a 20% downpayment and regular installments thereafter.

Contact N. Steckel for a quote RIGHT HERE.

B. COCHRAN, MFA, Writer/Translator (Mother Tongue: American English)

Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese into English


Professionally qualified Text Translator/Proofreader of Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese into English, including books and articles in the fields of the social and medical sciences, literary pieces, journalism, travel and tourism, creative marketing, and general legal texts, and of English to Spanish, for general, journalistic, and social sciences texts. Book review writer. Cum Laude, BA Degree in Spanish and French, with translator and journalism training. Italian course work completed. MFA Degree in Creative Writing/Literary Translation. Extensive experience.

See B. Cochran’s translation projects and education credits RIGHT HERE.


Translation, 10-12 cents (USD$) per word, negotiable

Proofreading, 4 cents (USD$) per word

“Rates below are very negotiable because some literary projects are quite lengthy.”

Contact B. Cochran for a quote RIGHT HERE.

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