Data Entry / Typing / Word Processing Service

Some authors of defunct publishers only have a copy or two of their printed book, which can’t be used by another publisher or printer. Still other authors have hand-written manuscripts that need to be typed into a word processing program.

We can help!

Let our professionals quickly and accurately turn your existing manuscript into a fully editable word processing file.

Linda Gray (also offers editing!)

Linda was a freelance technical writer and instructional designer for over twenty years. During her successful career, she acquired long term contracts with clients such as NYNEX, Reckitt Benkeiser, the states of Georgia and Michigan, and the government of Canada. She retired in 2004 to Costa Rica, and became a featured monthly author on a website called Costa Rica Sozo. She also published a book, “The Story of Rancho Tranquilo,” about her experiences living in Costa Rica.

Linda types accurately at 80+ words per minute.


Hi WritersWeekly,

I just wanted to e mail to let you know how fantastic it was to work with Linda Gray. She was able to edit my entire book, and make corrections to my review, in only one week. She also gave me wonderful tips to improve my writing skills , which I definitely required improvement on. She was able to pick up on repetitiveness in my story, and even rearranged paragraphs to make my book sound better. Linda also gave me feedback about my book when I asked her opinion on it . So, I would like to thank you for assistance in recommending her to me as an editor. I will absolutely use her again, if she will have me, for my 3rd book .Her pricing was also wonderful, as well her demeanor!               

Warmest Regards,



– Data entry, from typed manuscript or existing book:  $2.50 per page
– Data entry, from handwritten manuscript, including spelling correction and formatting: up to $20 per hour, depending on legibility (submit sample when requesting quote below)
– Editing – requires individual quote
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Crystal Rusch


Crystal is accurate and efficient. She is also a grammar nerd, and very detail oriented. When last tested, she typed 60-63 wpm accurately.


-Transcription (recorded spoken word to word processing): $30/hr
-Digitizing hand-written material into word processing program: $30/hr
-Digitizing already-printed material (hard copy to word processing): $28/hr
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Cindy Gallagher

Cindy is a fast (97 WPM), accurate typist with a keen eye for detail and a penchant for correct grammar and spelling. A published author herself, she has worked as a legal transcriber and a verbatim court reporter, so tight deadlines producing clean copy are old friends.


– Transcription of voice recording: $25/hr
– Digitizing hand-written material: $25/hr
– Digitizing previously printed material: $20/hr
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