Cheryl Cooper – Copyright Permissions / Rights Researcher

Cheryl Cooper secures copyright permissions for corporations, media producers, publishers & non-profits.

Whether you need to use copyrighted music, movie clips, TV footage, stock photos, Web media, song lyrics or text, Cheryl can handle all the licensing details, and simplify your life. Over 250 clients depend on her. If you need to track down hard-to-find footage, images, or music, she does that, too.


Cheryl Cooper has been an invaluable resource in our efforts to track down and secure rights and permissions for an extremely wide array of properties. And if that wasn’t enough, she provides very helpful counsel as we struggle to find the perfect match for our video, audio and multi-media productions. Efficient, resourceful, fun to work with, what more could you ask?

​- David H. Katzive, Executive Producer, Ruder-Finn Broadcast, NYC

When it comes to licensing, Cheryl Cooper delivers. In the more than a decade that I’ve known her, she’s successfully cleared music and film clips, located rights holders of obscure tunes and negotiated
reasonable rates. Her connections and years of experience have proven invaluable. You can’t go wrong with Cheryl on your team.

– Beverly Penninger, Naka TV Productions, Inc., Charlotte NC

Cheryl is the go-to gal for researching music.No matter how obscure the song or tune, Cheryl will not only track down the rights holders, she can often give us a good advance estimate of what the publishing & sync rights will cost. She’s a pleasure to work with and she’s fast.

– Brad White, Executive Producer ImageLine Productions, Inc., Los Angeles

Cheryl has consistently funneled her way through the most crazy and difficult music licensing request I can toss at her jumping through hoops of fire and sudden starts, stops and changes. She does it with humor, expertise and dedication.
– Penny Benatovich, Producer, Creative Works Inc., Boston

I’ve used Cheryl’s services for years and have never found a need to look for anyone else to do what she does best! Cheryl is very personable and truly goes the extra mile in negotiating contracts that best suit our needs and budget.When one of the songs we wanted was just too pricey for us, Cheryl came up with a more than satisfactory alternative, very impressive. 
– Jan Terry, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago

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